Race Rules

Fair and honest play is the most important component of racing at the Island Cup. Our events are meant to be fun, inclusive and low stress.

A few minor points must be brought forward.

  • Helmet cams are not permitted during race runs.
  • Full face helmets must be worn for all DH events (not applicable for Enduro)
  • If a course marshall has concern of your continuing on, they can disqualify you.
  • If a course marshall finds your actions endangering others, they can disqualify you.

On a lighter note;

  • Sandbaggers may be heckled and called out by all others.
  • Handups that include EPO, Testosterone, Illicit drugs, Performance enhancing drugs, portable engines or other will be confiscated and distributed to last not lapped racers…

Have fun, don’t get upset and remember that all our volunteers have given up their time to do the best job they can.

Official Cycling BC Rules


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