The Island Cup Series is thanks to the hard effort of countless volunteers. Be sure to do your part and see if you can help out at the various events on Vancouver Island

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What do I need to race
  • A. We are using Cycling BC for our insurance. If you carry a UCI license or other Cycling BC License, you are ready to go.
    If you will only be participating in your own club’s events, you can purchase a club membership.
    If you plan to only race in more than one club’s island Cup Events you will nee a Provincial Race License. If you already have your club affiliate membership, Cycling BC can manually upgrade you to a Provincial Race license.
    If you plan to race BC Cup events you will need a UCI License.
    All licenses can be purchased online at www.cyclingbc.net.
    To help out with choosing your license, we will have representatives at the first XC, Enduro and DH races to help out with registration and licensing.
  • Q. How much does it cost to race?
    A. We have tried to keep the costs for each race down to a minimum to help promote the grass roots aspects of the Island Cup Series. Most races are $30-50 and some DH races may also charge a shuttling fee to offset fuel and vehicle rental costs.
  • Q. What bike and or equipment do I need to race?
    A. All you really need is a bicycle and helmet to race. Everything else is your choice (armour, tools etc) Your bike should be in good working order and mechanically safe. Your helmet must meet standard national approvals, which all new helmets sold in Canada are. For downhill events you are required to use a full-face helmet, certified for cycling by a standards agency. All other gear is strongly recommended, but not mandatory. You will also need some sort of identification and if you’re under the age of 18 you should have a parent to sign the waivers etc at registration.
  • Q. What time are races?
    A. Most races are set to start at approx 12 noon, but depending on the distance or time required may occur at different times. Check the information for each race for details on the events. Courses are typically pre-marked a couple of days in advance of the race or, there is typically time for course inspection and/or practice runs in the morning before racing starts.
  • Q. What about awards?
    A. Each race will vary, but typically awards and draw prizes are handed out fairly soon after the last racer arrives and results have been tallied. Some races may have concession available after the race so come hang out and enjoy the fun that is mountain bike racing.
  • Q. Where can I learn to race?
    A. There are some great resources for learning to race. Mostly friends and some of the expert riders can teach you the basics of racing. Come early on race day and there will be many people to help you learn the basics.